Tips to Enhance Your Eyelashes and Look Beautiful

Tips to Enhance Your Eyelashes and Look Beautiful

Tips to Enhance Your Eyelashes and Look Beautiful

Every lady desires to have long and beautiful eyelashes that enhance the natural beauty. Ladies either apply mascara or artificial eyelashes. Most of the ladies are not satisfied with eyelashes. Some are concerned about the length and some desires to have a sparking and glamorous eyelashes. Some women think their eyelashes are not attractive like others. Not everyone is blessed with thick and long eyelashes but there are multiple ways through which ladies can get desired eyelashes. This is a key reason that ladies spend a huge money on eyelashes treatment but what happen if you can grow and beautify your eyelashes through natural remedies and some hacks which do not only keep your eyelashes longer but thick and healthy as well.

Castor oil

One of the most effective ways to keep the eyelashes healthy and longer, Castor oil is suggested by the beauty experts. Prepare a mix of 1-2 drops of castor oil, lavender oil, neem oil, and rosemary oil. Then, apply that mix on the eyelashes and leave it overnight. Besides Castor oil, you can use olive oil for better results. You need to apply this mix for the next couple of days. Gradually, your eyelashes will start to grow thicker and longer.

Soaked lemon peel

Lemon peels contain vitamins A and C that aid to grow the hairs. Thus, cut some lemon pieces and soak in olive or castor oil and leave it for 2 or 3 days. You have to apply this soaked lemon peels every night before going to bed. Results will starts appearing in next couple of days.

Eyelids massage

It’s a very effective hack to grow the eyelashes because massaging the eyelid increase the blood circulation, which let eyelashes to grow faster. You should definitely try out this hack.

Check your diet plan

As a healthy diet plan help to grow our body, eyelashes growth also matters. You are suggested to add protein and vitamin rich foods in your diet plan so your eyelashes may get healthier, longer and thicker. Egg, fish, soya bean are some perfect examples of protein and vitamin rich foods.

Regularly trim your eyelashes

This may sound strange but logically, it’s one of the effective natural ways ladies reply on. Basically, trimming stimulate the eyelashes follicle, which promote your hair grow faster. But, trimming must be done once in a two or three months.

Avoid eye make up as much as possible

Eye makeup collects debris around the eyes and does not let your eyelashes to have rest and grow naturally. Thus, strive to not apply eye makeup especially in the night. This way, eyelashes growth does not affect.

Vitamin E

Vitamins E acts as an antioxidants agent that helps to increase your blood circulation so that your eyelashes can grow naturally. Vitamin E capsules are available in the market easily. So, pick and open a capsule to collect the oil from it and apply this oil on your eyelashes repeatedly for next few days.

Besides such tips and precautions, you should take care of your eyelashes from dirt, sweat, and debris that accumulates on the hairs present on our eyelids. Sometimes, this debris falls into the eyes and causes a problem in the eyes. Therefore, it’s important to clean your eyelashes on the frequent basis. Long, thick and healthy eyelashes make your eyes look more beautiful, which draw the attention of the people whether you are attending any function of going to become a bride. Hence, try above given natural remedies and some tips to see a dramatic change in your eyelashes.

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