How Do You Take Care of Eyelash Extensions

How Do You Take Care of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great way of dragging the attention of people. When you step out, eyelashes props your eye. But you may have noticed that lash extension does not last for long. There is a constant urge to buy a brand new pair of lash extension as your previous one gets worn out with use.

You need not worry. We are here at your rescue by introducing some of the ways you can prolong the life of your eyelash extensions. Up keeping with the artificial lashes in not at all a tedious work to perform, neither is it a taxing task. Stay tuned to get some of the most relied ways to save your favorite eyelashes for long.

Avoid washing the eyelashes extension

Your natural lashes may shed naturally. To assist the problem you may have rendered to use the eyelash extensions. It works to sets of the eyelash extension on your eye line with the aid of glue. It is important not to wash regularly the eyelash as it may mess up with the adhering portion of the lashes.

The best way of doing so is by removing the lashes before cleansing the makeup or applying a makeup which is oil free.

Remove the lashes with care

It is important that while removing the makeup go gently over the lashes.

Using a wipe for cleansing can help instead of cotton balls. The reason being the cotton fiber can get stuck in the gluey area of the lash extension.

Oil the lash extension

Eyelash extensions should be kept oiled as this will prolong the life of the lash extension. It is a smarter choice to take baby oil in your palm and rub the extreme ends of your lash extension.

Be careful not to let the oil break over the gluey area as it may interfere with the binding capacity of the lash extension. It is preferable to use the non-oily based products like cleansers, makeup, removers, and so on.

Avoid the makeup that is waterproof

If you want your eyelash extensions to survive for long detach from the waterproof makeup. The waterproof makeup uses basically the oil ingredients that need a lot of rubbing to be removed.

Pay special focus on the waterproof mascara, the liner to keep the extensions unaffected.

Grooming might help

With use, your eyelash extensions may appear to have crisscross spikes. It is a good practice to roll over your brush on the lashes to make them ordered.

You can go on to curl the eyelashes keeping in mind not to go beyond making a big bend. This may make them look more artificial and not ordered with your natural eyelashes. You must try to comb your eyelashes regularly to make them have the same effect as that of the new one.

Do not play with the lash extension

It is not desirable to pick and pull the eyelashes for two reasons. The first is that it may affect the strands of the lashes. The second is that it damages your natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions can shift their orientation with the regular twisting or playing. You can use a brush to comb them from time to time.

Make a good sleeping habit

This is for those who are crazy about using lash extensions all the time. Prefer sleeping upfront after you have applied the glue on your lash to make them dry and sit on your eye line.

For the ones who are addicted to having eyelash extensions, pull off the life of lash extension by taking the account of the above-mentioned step and sincerely following them.

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