Glamorize Your Eyes with Exotic Look Eyelash Extensions

Glamorize Your Eyes with Exotic Look Eyelash Extensions

Glamorize Your Eyes with Exotic Look Eyelash Extensions

Do you aspire to let your eyes speak about our personality? The modern market trend is streaming with elusive styles that reforms your look. One such style is the lash extension which is presently grasping the attention of fashion pageants. Eyelash extension has multiple patterns that possibly accentuate the look with a worthwhile charm.

Everyone wants to outstand by their look on special occasions. Eyelash extension is guided by individual preference to beautify the eye. It catches the attention of many and propels the look to a different dimension. In this article, we will unfold some of the very astonishing styles of lash extension available in the market.

The doll lashes

This focuses on the longer style of lashes that makes your eyes appear bigger. The lashes become longer at the middle imparting a different extremity to the eye when you close them. This is a very demanding choice that settles for every eye-type.

This lash extension is fantastic for those who have a downturned or wide set of eyes. This versatile style is effectively worn on your eyes allowing them to pop. Generally protruded eyes should avoid this lash style as they may find difficulty in managing them.

Cat eyelash extension

Latch up with these astounding eyelash extensions. These lashes are characterized to get longer at the extreme ends. This generally is chosen to make the eye appear longer.

This exotic look can work for those who have rounder and strong lashes on the outer side. These are most suited for the close-pair of eyes that resembles like that of an almond. These make the eye appear wider.

Natural wide set of eyes can avoid these set. The downturned eyes with the cat lash extension may have their look exaggerated. It will lift up the eyes only if you have a closed set of eyes.

Natural lash extension

Next in our list is the lash extension that imparts a natural look on your eyes. These natural lash lines are patterned to get longer at the 2/3rd portion of your eye. This is the best-adopted style to drastically change the shape of your eye.

Hold on to it if you are a regular user of the lash extension. It works great if you are newly introducing your eyes with a new pair of lashes as it adjusts every eye-type. It makes you open up with the most accepted look. But if you are more dragged towards a dramatic look, then this lashes is a big no for you.

Staggered lash extension

This is one for that blends the short and long eyelashes in a graduated manner. It sits on the eye with a denser and messy look. The lashes spikes to add volumes to the natural lashes of your eye recreating the dramatic Jenner look.

Adhere to these lash extension if you want to add density to the sparse natural lashes. It does not work for those who have the natural density of lashes to flaunt. It will just exaggerate the look for them. Sometimes strip lashes can accompany the look to uplift the style with loads of volumes.

Color eyelash

Allow your color lash extension do the talking. This is something very new and unique. The colors are either following a regular pattern or interspersed here and there. There can be block colors that peek up the dramatic look.

This is effective for the bold eyes. You can rely upon the purple, green, navy, tan, orange highlights to make your eyes pop up. It is not suited for official dealing.

Thus, these are the few lash extension that that will compel people to become a fan of your style. Incline to any one of these to drop jaws of a multitude.

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