Eyelash Extensions Sandy Springs

If you are considering getting eyelash extensions in Sandy Springs, you should get in contact with our team at Lashes of Atlanta. Our team can do more than book you an eyelash extensions appointment. We can answer any questions that you may have about eyelash extensions or the other impressive services that we have to offer. We can guide you through the extensions process, so you know exactly what to expect when you book your appointment. Our team can aid you in picking which type of eyelash extensions will look best on you as we have multiple options to choose from. Enhancing your eyes has never been easier or more affordable than with our services at Lashes of Atlanta.

How Eyelash Extensions Work

Eyelash extensions are glued onto your existing eyelashes. They are not glued to your eyelid. Eyelash extensions are placed with tweezers on your existing lashes and are securely glued in place with adhesive. The false lashes are glued together to create a fan appearance. From there, the process of gluing on lash by lash continues until the desired effect is achieved. Most eyelash extensions are made from synthetic materials that look exactly like real eyelashes. At Lashes of Atlanta, we offer classic, hybrid, and volume extensions that are sure to make your eyes pop.

Eyelash Extension Maintenance

If you get eyelash extensions in Sandy Springs, you will need to do maintenance in order to keep your eyelashes looking fresh and beautiful. At Lashes of Atlanta, our classic eyelash extensions need to be touched up every two to four weeks. Classic eyelash extensions are the most common service that we provide at Lashes of Atlanta. Lash extensions will be roughly the same thickness of your natural eyelashes. How often your lashes will need to be touched up depend on how well you take care of them after getting extensions, your lifestyle, and your body chemistry. Some women need to get their eyelash extensions topped every two weeks while others can last much longer. A number of factors go into determining how often you need maintenance. Without eyelash extension maintenance, you cannot expect your extensions to last very long.

Are Eyelash Extensions Painful or Expensive?

Eyelash extensions are not the least bit painful. One of our trained staff members will make sure that your eyes are covered while the eyelashes are being put on. You must keep your eyes closed the entire duration of the process. Since our team at Lashes of Atlanta are seasoned professionals, you do not have to worry about getting poked in the eye or experiencing any pain at all. Eyelash extensions are surprisingly affordable. At Lashes of Atlanta, we offer competitive prices that are hard to beat. We strive to beat the prices of our competitors and the quality of our services is unmatched.

If you are interested in getting eyelash extensions in the Sandy Springs area, do not delay in getting in contact with our team at Lashes of Atlanta to book an appointment.

Eyelash Extensions Sandy Springs
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