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Your eyebrows are the most visible features on your face. You want to make sure that your brows are perfectly shaped and properly groomed to give you a beautiful appearance. Plucking your own eyebrows can lead to disastrous results and isn’t recommended. The best way to achieve wonderfully manicured eyebrows is with a professional brow was in Sandy Springs, GA.

What is Brow Waxing?

Brow waxing is a method of removing eyebrow hair and shaping the eyebrows through the use of wax. Although you can try to wax your own brows you may not be happy with the results. In fact, you can actually remove too much hair in the wrong areas and end up with brows that will take months or years to correct. With this in mind it is best to go to a professional salon for your brow wax in Sandy Springs, GA.

What Are The Benefits of Brow Waxing?

The most significant benefit of a brow wax in Sandy Springs, GA is that your brows will attain the best possible shape. An experienced brow technician can shape your eyebrows much more expertly than you can do on your own. The result is a gorgeous shaped brow that frames and highlights your eyes and face. Brow waxing is faster than tweezing and leaves you with very crisp lines with no stragglers. It is also easier to maintain your brows after you get them waxed.

How Long Does Brow Waxing Take?

A professional brow wax in Sandy Springs, GA typically takes just a few minutes for each side. If you also need your brows shaped you may need to allow a few minutes extra. After your brows are properly shaped regular waxing will keep them properly groomed. Waxing isn’t painful but if you are sensitive you may want to apply some ice to your brow areas just before waxing. Your brows may be slightly red for a few hours following waxing.

How Often Do You Need To Get Your Eyebrows Waxed?

Following an initial brow shaping you may need to have your eyebrows waxed about every 3 to 4 weeks. In between your professional brow wax in Sandy Springs, GA you can groom your brows on a daily basis. Check for hair that grows outside of the brow line.  You can tweeze these stray hairs without harming the shape of your brows. Check your brows every few days and if you find hairs you can easily get rid of them in a flash.

Is Eyebrow Waxing Affordable?

Getting a professional brow wax in Sandy Springs, GA is very affordable. You can easily make an appointment for your lunch hour or on your day off so you can stop in and get your brows done. You can combine brow waxing with other salon procedures such as brow tinting or lash extensions. Count on the experienced and highly skilled lash technicians at Lashes of Atlanta to provide you with efficient brow waxing services to improve the look of your eyebrows.

Brow Wax Sandy Springs GA
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