Best Way to Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Eyelash

Best Way to Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Eyelash

Best Way to Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Eyelash

If you are among the one who has lost their beautiful eyelashes by applying harsh makeup and looking for re-growing your eyelashes, we are going to share some important natural remedies and hacks. Before we start let’s find out other causes behind losing your eyelashes. Eyes products available in the market are the core causes. Most of the ladies apply mascara that has devastating effects on the eyelashes. Applying such products is already not good for your eyelashes but not removing the makeup before going to bed tends to destroy your beautiful eyelashes.

Mascara may enhance your facial appearance, but in long run, you should not count on it as it has many side effects. If you still want to apply mascara, then limit its use and remove it before going to bed because while sleeping it clogs on your eyelashes and does not let your eyelashes rest. Owing to it, the eyelashes growth gets slowdown and at one point of time, it gets damaged. But wait, here we have come up with a perfect solution to your problem. First, we would suggest you to stop applying artificial products. Second, prevent your eyelashes from dirt, water, sweat, and debris. Moreover, add protein and Vitamin C rich foods in your diet. These two nutrients are basically responsible for the hair growth. Either you can take these nutrients from the food or you can take from the supplements but make sure the supplements you have purchased are manufactured by the well-recognized company.

It’s important to know that your eyelashes cannot grow if you do not stop applying harsh makeup. Before doing anything else, first you should immediately stop using the makeup. Then only the natural remedies and hacks work out. When it comes to natural remedies, Castor oil, olive oil, serum, coconut milk, eye lotion, and petroleum jelly can be applied in order to keep the eyelashes healthier, stronger, thicker, and longer. These ingredients are the rich source of vitamin E that helps to grow the hairs. There is a specific method of applying these ingredients on the eyelashes. Few drops of castor oil on the eyelashes before going to sleep, enables your hair to grow longer and thicker. Likewise, applying the mix of olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil helps to regain your eyelashes naturally. You can use mascara brush to apply this mix on the eyelashes. In addition, mix egg yolk with almond oil and apply this mix on the eyelashes and leave it for an hour at least. Use this mix for twice in a single week for better outcomes.

The rich source of antioxidants Green tea prevents your eyelashes from getting damaged. Add green tea in a warm water and leave it for minutes so that it may cool down. Then apply this mix with the help of cotton swab. Besides preventing your damaged hair, it plays a major role re-growing of eyelashes. Eyelid massage is one of the easiest hacks that increase the blood circulation so that hairs can be grown faster. By considering these natural remedies and hacks, you can get back your beautiful eyelashes to look beautiful and draw the attention of your dearest one.

Healthier eyelashes do not only make the eyes even beautiful but protect your eyes from dust particles that enter the eyes. Similarly, you should also guard eyelashes by nourishing it using natural remedies. At last, if you are looking for the product for eyelashes growth, then that is also available in the market. But before make sure, the products have no side effects. That’ all about the best ways to keep the eyelashes healthier and beautiful.

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